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BACKA Media Group is dedicated to producing and distributing inspirational, thought-provoking media with messages of love, hope and positive change. We align ourselves with causes and people we believe will further this purpose, and work diligently towards the creation of excellent and artistic media for the benefit of mankind, to the glory of God.

We Are Americans!

The "We Are Americans"
project has been completed! Thanks again to our wonderful cast and crew, who made this unique project... UNIQUE!



The iSurrender CD -
Broken Bread Christian Alliance, produced by Brian K. Burns of BACKA Media Group

Twelve Christian vocalists from varying backgrounds and life experiences were brought together this past year to collaborate and give glory to God through the anointed words and music of iSurrender.

If you would like to download or buy one or all of the 14-songs on the CD, please view and purchase here.


Daddy Restoration
You Vide
Daddy Restoration is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose goal is to help fathers reconnect with their children. We wholeheartedly support the mission of Daddy Restoration, and would like for YOU to help support them, too! Check out their website at Click the green button below to donate from this site. Thanks!


“Daddy, I Miss You”

An 5-part autobiographical song. It is INTRODUCED by children's voices, then ESTABLISHED by adult singers. It is not just a children’s song, by any means. Adults will understand it more deeply than children – maturity intensifies the poignancy of the message. Listen to it all the way through. Then listen again. Do you feel their pain? Can you hear their cry? You should and you will - because their pain is your pain, their cry is my cry. Even if you have a good father, you surely know someone who doesn’t - and that someone is probably a member of your own family. Share this song with them, and with their fathers... it may help change their lives.



Donate to Daddy Restoration

BACKA Media Group, on behalf of Daddy Restoration, has produced the family Lock-Up TV commercials. View the main commercial below, and see the other 6 versions here


































































































































































































We Are Americans
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!
We hope you had a nice holiday with family and friends. Continue to give thanks to the Lord, for He is worthy!

The production crew is
working hard to complete Episode7! It may be feature film length...

Post-production has begun for Episode 7!

We begin filming Episode 7,
which will tie many of the cast members together, this month. We have over 30 new cast members, and we welcome them!

After 6 grueling months of filming and post-production,
we have LAUNCHED 6 episodes of STREET STORIES on Vimeo! Thanks to all the cast and crew. Check us out at

Matthew Mendez is Sergio - "Street Stories" episode 3 Sergio's Ride.
Filming begins in January 2014 by BACKA Media Group.


We are preparing to shoot our first episodes of "Street Stories," next weekend.
Cast members, please check your email often, and be on time for Calls!

to Dakota Driscoll and Paloma Monteleone, Lead actors in "Baby Mama Drama."

Baby leads

Happy Thanksgiving! We are pleased to announce the cast for "Street Stories" first episode, "LowDown High."
Filming will commence and conclude in December 2013. Stay tuned for casting announcements for other episodes of "Street Stories!" Click here for cast list.


Sam Stinson/Rebecca Hibshman

We have sent out email announcements
to many of you who auditioned for "Street Stories." Check your email. If you have not heard from us, please email us at A few of you hand-wrote email addresses which were hard to read! Next week, info meeting and role playing. It's getting hot in here!!


Hoping a few of you can help out... We here at BACKA Media Group partner with this non-profit organization

A FEW MORE VOLUNTEERS FOR THE FORMULA 1 RACE: Hi everyone. Daddy Restoration has a concessions booth at next weekend's Formula 1 race, and we are looking for 2 more volunteers Friday, Nov. 15th and 2 more volunteers Sunday, Nov. 17th to work with us at our concessions booth. If you would like to help us either of those 2 days (or both of them!), please email us at immediately. Leave your phone number, if you'd like, and we will call you back asap! The Formula 1 is the largest race in the world, and only comes to America thru Austin, once per year. It's an exciting environment, and you will be helping a worthy cause. Thanks!


The audition call for "Street Stories" has been going VERY well.
There are some very talented actors signing up for the audition. We look forward to meeting all the new faces. See post below for more info. We DO need more 10-20 (or thereabout) year old boys and men, especially Hispanic, Black, and Asian. Everyone is welcome to audition. Tell your family and friend with kids who can be stars but haven't had the chance. We'll give them that chance...

street girl

Auditions for "Street Stories" will be held next Sat November 2nd and Sun November 3rd from 3pm-7pm and Wed November 6th from 5pm-8pm by BACKA Media Group, in Austin, TX.
"Street Stories" is an 8-10 part series of 30 min to 60 min dramatic films, primarily focused on the travails, temptations, trauma and triumphs of adolescents and young adults growing up in this tough and trying world. Click picture for more details:

Street Stories

Are you suffering through a period where your faith and walk with Jesus is a little sketchy?
I invite you to listen to this song. The lead is sung by Kim McNicholas on our iSurrender CD, as a prayer for restoration. She was wonderfully backed up by Christina Morgan and Darrell Caldwell, Jr. I hope it will aid you on your road to spiritual recovery. If you like it, please share with your friends.

Kim McNicholas

After several months of hard work, the music video "HomeWrecker"
is ready for viewing! We will be entering this one in several music video festivals around the world. Thanks to all the fine actors who participated. Enjoy... and share with your family and friends! Comments appreciated on Facebook, above...

gabe motel

BACKA Media Group announces the release of the debut single of our friend "Sir Charles" Juniel, arranged and produced by Brian K. Burns for BACKA Media group. Charles is a talented vocalist with GREAT range and enthusiasm. We have been excited to work with him on this project, and look forward to seeing his musical career skyrocket. On "Better Man," Sir Charles gives voice to the love of a man for ONE woman - a message much needed in today's world. Please take a moment and listen to an excerpt from "Better Man," then download the .mp3 for only $1.09. You'll be glad you did!
Click here to check out "Better Man."

Sir Charles

Whooo! The "HomeWrecker" shoot has been completed. It's a wrap! Onward to post-production. "Like" us on Facebook at the top of this page to keep in touch! Post-production is well under way. We hope to be finished in about 2 weeks! Tell your friends to come back and check it out!

We will be shooting all the scenes for "HomeWrecker" the music video this coming weekend. It's a story with a different kind of positive message. "HomeWrecker will be released in September, and entered in music video festivals around the world. Extras are needed on Sunday, 8/11/13. Please email us at for more info.

HW logo



Thanks to a great group of actors and a diligent advisory crew, "HomeWrecker" has been cast! We will shoot this music video - with a different kind of positive message - in early August. Click here for the cast list! More info coming in days...



Auditions for "HomeWrecker" - a different kind of positive message song/video - will be held this weekend at BACKA Media Group studios in Austin. (Sat, July 20th, 3pm-7pm and Sun July 21st, 3pm-7pm.) The two primary paid roles are:
1. Female, 25-35 years old, any ethnicity, who can play the role of a flossy, single woman who preys on married men. Shapely, pretty, sassy, sensitive, and sinister are adjectives which can be used to describe the role...
2. Male, 30-45 years old, any ethnicity, who can play the role of mature, husband, father - and oh yeah - potential cheater.
Other roles - wife, kids, friends, and extras will be cast as well. Email us at and ask to be added to our email list to keep up with this posting.

4th of July is coming next week, and "We Are Americans" can enhance our patriotic experience! Tell your family and friends about us, and download or purchase a copy, today! Click here

"We Are Americans" debuts now! The "song" is available for sale as an .mp3 download right here on our site RIGHT NOW (click here). You may listen to a sample here. and at CDBaby and other sites, including iTunes, as well. We'll list them on our Facebook page as they come online. The Cast and Crew version of the "video," with cast photos, is finished and can be picked up by cast and crew members Friday between 2pm and 9pm at our office. The DVD will be available to the public on Saturday.




"Street Stories" Series #2

Baby Mama Drama

Baby Mama

Mama still parties as hard as she did when she was a teenager. Problem is, Isabella is only 12 years old and is often left with the task of taking care of her younger brother and sister - for days. With help and under the watchful eyes and prayers of neighbors, Isabella does her best. But is it good enough? What made her Momma become this irresponsible in the first place, and how does she begin to make a change?

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